Who Is Your Favorite Icon And What Is An Icon Really?

  • February 10, 2018
  • Art

Wow! Two questions in one heading. The first emanates out of curiosity and a desire to be sociable and start a conversation. The second question was never meant to be pretentious but has been influenced by a little a bit of frustration. This needs to be explained. If you listen carefully to the conversations of others, no matter what their status, you may find that the term ‘icon’ or ‘iconic’ has often been over-used to the point that it becomes a cliché, as well being used inappropriately.

See now. But if folks would start waxing lyrical over their favorite icons in life and motivate the reasons why this is so for them, you will find that they are pretty close to the true meanings of the term. In the Russian orthodox religion you will observe that the icon in the church refers to a deity and a saintly personage from Russian mythology and history. Fast forward several centuries to the present age and start perusing online catalogues like ikonick.com and you will see that these archivists have stuck pretty much to the rulebook in making correct recordings of today’s peoples’ hero’s of the past and indeed the modern era.


An icon in the truest sense of the word has also been popularized as pop art. The famous post modernist Andy Warhol is probably the best known exponent of this art, but of course, there are so many others. If you look closely enough, you will even see icons represented in abstract images that utilize geometry and psycho-analytic devices. So, let us go back to the fondest of questions at this time. Who is your favorite icon?

And while you are thinking about this, how about a suggestion. Everyone has their favorites. There are many sentimental reasons as to why this is the case, but in many cases, people are often inspired by their favorite icons. So, how about this then. You simply pin up a great piece of wall art somewhere in your home or office and are inspired daily.

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