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Why You May Need Garage Door Repair

With anything mechanical, things can go wrong. Your garage door is no exception to this rule. But what exactly may go wrong, resulting in needing garage door repair? Read on to find out just a few instances of what might break.

Dead Batteries

If you have an electric model and it doesn’t seem to want to open when you press the remote, it could be as simple as the batteries in the transmitter being dead. You could consider yourself lucky if this were the case, since it’d be an issue easily fixed yourself by replacing the old batteries with new ones.

Track Is Out of Alignment

If your track is out of alignment it won’t allow your door to properly open or close. It may become jammed, or simply refuse to move at all. This is a repair that needs to be fixed by professionals, and it is not recommended you try the repair yourself as there are many things which could go wrong.

The Door’s Path Is Blocked

Most garage doors are equipped with “eyes” which can tell if something is in the way of your door opening or closing. If the door refuses to move and the batteries still have juice, your first step should be to inspect the area around the door. If you find something that may be obstructing the door’s path, move it farther away. If you find nothing, it may be time to call professional garage door repair men as the issue could be more serious.

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Broken Springs

If your garage door is stuck in the down position or seems to struggle when opening, you may have broken springs. Each garage door is equipped with one or two springs that are responsible for pulling the weight upwards with enough force. A broken spring can be replaced quickly and effectively by a professional.

Tension Cables Snapped

Tension cables are responsible for slowing the way your door lowers so it’s safer and quieter. If your garage door drops quickly and suddenly, with a loud bang, your tension cables have probably snapped. This is another repair that requires professional assistance immediately, as this means your door is no longer safe to use.